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Frequently Asked Question Employer

What is Financialmatch.nl

financialmatch.nl is an online platform where employers are ably to submit a project for free where financial specialists can response on the project. The goal is that employers can hire the financial specialist directly without having to use an intermediair.

The users of this website are only end customers. Intermediairs are not allowed to use this website.

The financial specialists using this site are Financials who are interested in advisory or interim-assignments or permanent jobs.


Lost your login details?

If you don’t remember your password you will receive a new one in your mailbox. If you don’t remember witch mailbox you have used for this website please send a mail to info@financialmatch.nl. We will check the mailadres you are using.

Who can see my contact details

Only our employees can view your details. If you invite a financial specialist to discuss a project your details are only visible for this specific specialist. Please see our privacypolicy for more information concerning the users information.


Are there any costs concerning submitting projects on fancialmatch.nl

Submitting advice or interim assignments on financialmatch.nl are always for free. Only if you want to submit an advertisement for a permanent job (search & selection) a fixed fee is required.


Requirements to submit a project

1. Volunteer projects or projects with a very low pay (for example fixed fee under de € 500, – ex VAT) are not allowed.

2. A project must be from an end user so no intermediair

3. It is not allowed to promote services or products.

4. Clear description of the project

  • The title of the project: short and clear, fe “accountant” or “debiteuren administrateur”.
  • Projectdescription, in general: do not use multiple punctuation marks.
  • Projectdescription must contain enough specific information, including:
  • Purpose of the project
  • Description employer (without name)
  • The more specific the descriptions is described  the better at right specialist will respond on your project!
  • further details

5. Names of the company, telefoonnumbers, adress and names of a website of url are not allowed in the description of the project.

How can I manage my project?

Everything concerning your project you can see and manage in your account.

Too little response?

If you are not satisfied with the responses you might consider to change your requirements (for example increase your budget per hour or change the required availability per week).

Am I obliged to choose from the responses?

No. You are always free to reject any response.

How can I contact a Financieel specialist after he/she responded?

After a financial specialist responded you can invite him/her for the project or send him (in the financialmatch system) a private message

I’m not abble to submit a project.

Please contact us by using the contact form.

What happens if a specialist response on my project?

In you mailbox you will find the response. By clicking you enter the project and you can view the response and invite the specialist or send him a private message or do nothing.

Only accept an offer (in our system) from a specialist if you reached an agreeement with this specialist. Be aware that after you accept an offer it is not possible for other specialists to response anymore.

Working with a broker

Some employers are obligated (or want) to work with a broker. For FinancialMatch that is no problem. The only thing we ask you is to send a copy of the timesheets of the specialist to us.

The specialist you want to hire is not (yet) a freelancer.

This is no problem. FinancialMatch has made appointments with some payroll companies. They will hire the specialist for the time of the project.

No notifications in your e-mail?

Please check you spamfilter. If you see the notifications there please click on the mail and thereafter “this mail is save”. It is also advisable to add info@financialmatch.nl to you adressbook. Then it is for sure that you will receive the future notifications in your mailbox.

Inform all respondents

Specialists have made an effort to response on your project. After you selected the ideal specialist please inform the other respondens that you have chosen for another specialist. This is very easy in our website. It encourages specialists to response on future projects.

How do I finish a project?

If the specialist has completed the assignment we (in our system) request you to (under actionsin your account) finish this project. You then will see a screen where you can give feedback to the specialist. This feedback is very important for the specialists because it can help them to be selected by other employers for a project!

Can everybody see responses of specialists?

No. The responses are only visable for the employer/client. Other specialists can’t see the responses

How can I pay for an annoucement  for a permanent job (S & S) at financialmatch.nl?

This is possible by iDeal, CreditCard or PayPal.